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Laser Therapy


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Therapy: All Over Skin Rejuvenation

The goal of the laser treatment is the gradual permanent reduction of hair, unwanted sun damage or vascular damage and overall skin rejuvenation. To learn more about how laser treatment can benefit you, book a complimentary consultation.

GentleMax Pro treatments are available at Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic in Peterborough. The dual-wavelength laser is used for laser hair removal and to reduce the appearance of brown pigmented lesions and spider veins.

What Is GentleMax Pro?

GentleMax Pro is a dual-wavelength laser used to treat unwanted body hair, vascular and pigmented lesions, and spider veins. The laser device combines a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser with a 755 nm Alexandrite laser. By providing two wavelengths in a single device, GentleMax Pro can be used to treat all skin types and tones effectively.

Are you ready to commit to a series of treatments to eliminate excess body hair, skin lesions, or spider veins? Do you have excess body hair that makes you feel self-conscious? If so, a GentleMax Pro treatment may be right for you.


Who Is a GentleMax Pro Candidate?

Men and women of all skin types may be good candidates for GentleMax Pro. Ideal candidates must have:

  • Unwanted body hair
  • Hair with some brown or black pigment (lasers do not work on grey, blond or red hair)
  • Lesions or spider veins
  • The ability to commit to a series of treatments
  • Reasonable expectations


How to Prepare for GentleMax Pro

Patients need to take a few steps to prepare for a GentleMax Pro treatment at Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic. Preparation includes:

  • Avoiding self-tanning methods and sun exposure
  • Stopping waxing and electrolysis
  • Shaving the treatment area
  • Avoiding creams and lotions on the day of the treatment

What to Expect After GentleMax Pro

The recovery is simple with GentleMax Pro. Patients might want to take a day off work due to redness or swelling but can return to most normal activities immediately. Patients begin to see the results right away but will not enjoy the full results until the final treatment is completed.

GentleMax Pro Recovery and Timeline

Patients go home right after undergoing a GentleMax Pro procedure. Patients might experience some redness and swelling and can use ice to reduce inflammation. Ice can be applied every hour for the first 6-12 hours. Discomfort is normally completely gone after six hours but can last for a full day.

Patients can clean the treatment site but should not moisturize or use makeup for the first 24 hours. They should also avoid direct sunlight for two weeks following the procedure. They should wear sunscreen when out in the sun.

Laser Skin Therapy