Peels & Facials

Peels & Facials

Reduce fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage and dull skin improving your overall skin tone with the help of Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic. Two proven methods are used to help you start seeing results sooner than you would have thought possible; a peel and an oil control treatment!

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Beverly Hills Stimulator Peel: A revolutionary beta/alpha acid spa peel stimulates cellular turn over, reduces fine lines and wrinkles improving overall skin tone, texture and clarity without down time.

Ossential Acne and Oil Control Treatment: A combination of AHA’s and salicylic acid are used to minimize excess oil production and tighten pores. Calm, clear and healthier oil-free skin is revealed, minimizing acne scaring.


Skin TX Daily Care + TX Jessner Plus Treatment: The Jessner Plus peel is a FDA affordable alternative to laser treatment. It delivers fast results, targeting and reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, while firming and tightening your tissue. It is also an effective way of combatting acne and acne scars. There is down time of 3-5 days with this treatment.

Visit Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic today to learn more about how the age-old practice of peeling can resurface and rejuvenate your skin!

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